Amber Route

Amber Route

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Amber Route

Disponibilité :

Auteur(s) : Krzysztof Matusik
Joueur(s) : 2 à 4 joueurs
Age : A partir de 8 ans
Durée : 45′
Mécanisme(s) : Gestion

AMBER ROUTE est un jeu de gestion.

Description éditeur :


War is in the air. Two warring nations, after a decade of fragile peace, are assembling their armies – on the west Her Highness Susanne of Thargaton with her army in black uniforms, on the east cardinal Nikodemus of Vesania and his religious zealots in white robes. Both of them are trying to capture the best position in a 40 kilometres wide strip of no-man’s land. Old forts, which survived war of the disciples, are now objects of fierce fights. Which side is going to outsmart the other in the field? Who will manage to make the best use of their troops in this deadly war? Find for yourself ? Accept the challenge and play this dynamic war game!

Content of the box
– board
– 24 black wooden blocks
– 24 white wooden blocks
– 96 stickers
– 2 cube dice (d6)
– 24 terrain tiles
– 12 terrain tokens
– 9 round special tokens
– 3 round faction counters
– 18 unit cards
– 6 commander cards
– 22 scenario cards
– 8 aid cards
– 1 curtain

Author: Krzysztof Matusik
Illustrator: Roman Kucharski